Comfee Living

Comfee Living designs and hand-crafts Comfee Cushions, designer vibrating pillows that help improve circulation and ease muscle aches and pains.

Helping boomers, zoomers and seniors live happier, healthier more comfortable lives with Comfee Cushions and lifestyle coaching.

  • With my quickly expanding business, I needed my online presence to look polished and professional. But I also needed a website that was really easy to manage and to keep current and fresh. CMSIntelligence created a new website for me that meets both those needs! It's quick and easy to update with news and events, saving me time that I can put to better use working with my clients. Love it!
    - Kerri Lee Benson, Comfee Living

When Kerri Lee Benson first opened up shop, her goal was simply to help the boomers and seniors she loves live more comfortably, with the help of her unique Comfee Cushions. This line of vibrating cushions improves circulation and eases pain and discomfort, and can be helpful for a variety of issues, such as diabetes, arthritis and even autism.

Kerri Lee came to us when she was ready to expand her business into lifestyle coaching for boomers, zoomers and seniors with her Comfee Living brand. She needed a website that would really work for her as her business grew.

The new Comfee Living website allows Kerri Lee to sell her Comfee Cushions online with a few clicks of her mouse.

She can also take advantage of the robust blogging and social media functionality built into her website Platform to promote events and connect with her customer base.

Altogether, the new Comfee Living  website is a powerful online marketing tool that Kerri Lee can harness to develop and grow her brand, taking it beyond product and allowing her to create a thoughtful resource for boomers and seniors online.

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