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CMSIntelligence Careers


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  • Graphic Designer, Website Agency, Niagara

    Graphic Designer

    We’re looking for a smart, motivated graphic designer to join our team and create design material for both print and digital initiatives.

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  • Project Manager, Website Agency, Niagara

    Project Manager

    Our Project Management Team is growing and is looking for individuals who can think creatively, while managing the details of successful website projects.

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At CMSIntelligence, one of our key success indicators is the quality of our relationships with our customers – and the success we can help them achieve through those relationships.

We measure our internal success the same way.

We have created a positive, laughter filled environment where we support and push each other to create extraordinary results.

We are fully committed to the individual growth of each person on our team.

We are life-long learners.

We are highly creative beings who are making manifest each and every day.

We are nice people.

We are 'outside the box' thinkers – but at the same time, we know that if the box we've created is structurally sound, it will benefit everyone.

We are generous collaborators willing to tell the truth and support each to success.

We are considerate and respectful.

We are happy.

And we take the time when Chewie, our resident golden retriever, figures we need a lick – usually because he sees we're working too hard!

Let's create something amazing together.

If this sounds like an environment you'd flourish in, we're waiting to hear from you.

(Oh ... and we have Friday afternoon social hour, regular team lunches, lots of snacks and lots of other healthy, balanced opportunities to take a break from the fast-moving, creative mode that we all love.)

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