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3 Steps to Join the Webinar

Follow the steps below to join a Deep Dive webinar.

IMPORTANT: Please plan to log on on 5 minutes early, so you don't miss the start of the webinar.


Step 1: Open the link below in your browser


Note: For best experience, use Google Chrome or Firefox.


Step 2: Enter your name and click 'Knock to Join'


Step 3: Setup Audio (Phone or Computer Speakers)

Click the telephone icon in the top left corner. A window will pop up (see below). Click on one of the two choices for audio: Call via Internet or Call by phone.

IMPORTANT: If you select 'Call by Phone', the phone number and meeting ID will be provided on next screen.


How to Ask a Question

At any time during the webinar you can ask a question, at the end of the presentation all questions will be addressed.

Note: If you only want the presentor to see your question, please select their name off the drop-down list (@All).

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