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Stunning and unique home furnishings and custom interior design solutions to suit your style, and your lifestyle.

  • I was referred to CMSIntelligence and their Tymbrel platform by a colleague – and I'm so grateful! The CMSIntelligence team was so very helpful, and offered not only technical insights, but strategic business guidance as well. It was truly refreshing to work with people who were so obviously committed to the success of my new venture!
    - Robyn Hope

XIE Home by Robyn Hope Interiors is an new online shop offering curated home décor and furniture collections for all styles and all budgets.

Robyn came to us after trying another ecommerce platform that she found frustrating and limiting.

We set her up on the Tymbrel platform, which provides both robust online shop experience and the ability to blog and story tell... all with the same ease. And, she's loving it!

If you're looking for a classic, show-stopping piece that will serve your space for years to come, or that special accessory to add a finishing touch to your interior, XIE Home is the right place to land.

Take a look a the new website. Who knows what you might find!

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