Workplace Safety Group

Workplace Safety Group is your partner in Safety Success.

WSG helps businesses in Southern Ontario with expert workplace safety training, planning and consulting.

  • With our old website, we struggled to convey the full range of health and safety courses and consulting services we actually offer, and we really needed a more professional online presence overall. The website that CMSIntelligence created for us is well-designed, looks great, and makes it easy for our clients to register for courses and events. It does everything we need it to!
    - Bob Murden, Workplace Safety Group

Workplace Safety Group has been keeping Ontario businesses safe for many years with an extensive range of occupational health and safety training courses. They also go a step further, offering consulting services to help small and medium sized business and HR professionals learn what their workplace safety requirements actually are, and develop sustainable, long-term health and safety plans.

They originally had an eCommerce website, but it wasn’t flexible enough to enable registrations for the extensive breadth of training and conference events that Workplace Safety Group offers. In addition, it didn’t reflect their level of experience and professionalism, nor their safety consulting services, a principal component of their offering.

What they needed, in short, was a powerful online marketing tool that would inspire the trust that is ultimately the foundation this business is built on.

We built Workplace Safety Group a website that demonstrates their expertise, professionalism and extensive knowledge and experience in occupational health and safety. This is achieved not only through the site’s professional appearance, but also its functionality and ease of use. It’s responsive, lightening fast and intuitive, and easily accommodates WSG’s vast range of courses, events, and consulting services.

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