Wise Warrior Gym

Wise Warrior Gym is a martial arts and self defense training gym in Edmonton, Alberta

Relevant and functional self-defense, personal protection and sport combat-mixed martial art training in a friendly, inclusive environment.

  • I'm very pleased with the new Wise Warrior website since its launch. I have received more qualified inquiries in 1 month than I did in 4 months from the old site. And that's without any blogging so far, and with minimal to no SEO enhancement on our end. Whatever you folks do, it is working very well and I can only anticipate continued steady and gradual improvement. I have recommended CMSIntelligence to other people already!
    - Calen Paine, Wise Warrior Gym

The unique philosophy at the Wise Warrior Gym in Edmonton, AB, is what makes it stand out in a highly competitive field. Calen Paine, its founder, has created a welcoming, inclusive environment for men and women of all experience levels and walks of life to learn martial arts and self-defense skills.

As the owner and operator of a busy gym, Calen was finding himself technically overwhelmed with the other website options out there. What he needed was a website that he could manage himself, easily and at a minimal cost.

He also wanted a website that reflected the supportive and friendly yet highly professional atmosphere he works so hard to cultivate at his gym. This meant he also needed the website to be easy for his clients and potential clients to navigate, and to learn all about what being a Wise Warrior means.

The new website for Wise Warrior Gym has all the functionality necessary for Calen to keep his website content fresh hassle-free, and it’s a true reflection is the welcoming and enthusiastic character of this business.

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