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  • I can't say enough about the CMSIntelligence team! It's true! My blog was becoming very successful, but it was unmanageable on the software I had launched it on. CMSIntelligence helped with a redesign and since I moved over to the Tymbrel platform, I spend more time doing what I like... writing... and less time 'managing.'
    - Tiffany Mayer, Niagara Food Enthusiast

The Time for Grub website is a space that brings together Tiffany Mayer's passion for food and farming in Niagara – and beyond. Tiffany has a passion for telling stories about the people and places feeding us.

It's a narrative that's important in every community, and it's one that she hopes will generate a stronger connection between everyday consumers and the food they eat.

Prior to working with us, Tiffany had a traditional blog managed by a traditional software. And it was frustrating her. She was spending too much time trying to 'manage' the software, which meant less time for storytelling.

But, with her new website launched on the Tymbrel Platform, Tiffany is now able to take her work to the next level... with way less stress.

This makes us happy, because we love her stories and have enjoyed the benefits of more than one tip from the Time for Grub website!

Learn more about the Niagara Food experience here.

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