Chakria Boxing

Sukhdeep Singh Chakria delivers sport, service and style with his professional boxing career.

Undefeated and poised to challenge for titles, Sukhdeep Singh Chakria continues to allure the boxing world.

  • The art and my will to fight is drawn from a rich Sikh heritage – and I'm proud to be able to contribute not only in the ring, but also to my community. I thank the CMSIntelligence team for their work in building a website that reflects my accomplishments professionally, as well as the other aspects of my life that I am committed to.
    - Sukhdeep Singh Chakria

Sukhdeep Singh Chakria is a very interesting athlete. From our work on this fabulous website, we have learned what we already knew – namely that sport has the power to transform both individuals, as well as entire communities.

This was a great project to work on. Just as Sukhdeep is poised to take his professional boxing career to the next level, the work he supports  in his home village of Chakar, India along with Dave Sidhu (EM Dynamics) and a team of generous volunteers is helping the community there evolve a better quality of life.

Kudos to Sukhdeep, Dave and all the volunteers for their achievements.

Learn more on Sukhdeep's new website.

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