Southern First Nations Network of Care

Creating safe, caring and loving environments for children.

The goal of the Southern First Nations Network of Care is to ensure that every child in the care of its member Agencies has the opportunity to learn, the freedom to grow and the structure to live responsibly – in good health and spirit.

  • CMSIntelligence responded to a relatively complex RFP to help us change the way our First Nations organization communicates online, and to help us streamline some of our operations processes, such as course registration, through our website. They have worked closely with our Communications Committee each step of the way, and have provided all the guidance we needed. We have come to trust their team to help us do more things better online.
    - Jim Compton, Communications Specialist

In partnership with its member Agencies, the Southern First Nations Network of Care is responsible for the establishment and management of services and support to First Nations children and families throughout Manitoba. The goal of the organization is to ensure that children, families and communities in need have the support they require to promote healthy growth and long-term wellness.

The Southern Network has many important stakeholders – including the children and families they serve, their member Agencies, the Manitoba First Nations Leadership, provincial and national funding organizations, and the media and public.

They were looking for a partner to help them reframe their online conversation in an accessible, gracious manner, which communicated the integrity of their work and the people involved.

Our team at CMSIntelligence is honoured to have had the opportunity to assist.

We hope you take a moment to view their beautiful new website here.

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