Palatine Hills Estate Winery

History, Harmony & Great Wines at Palatine Hills Estate Winery.

Palatine Hills Estate Winery offers one of the area's oldest vineyards nestled among the historic hills of beautiful Niagara-on-the-Lake.

  • SimpleCart is so easy and intuitive to use compared to our previous eCommerce software. Whether I'm setting up new products in our online shop, featuring a special wine or processing orders, I get the job done in no time! Our new site is everything we were hoping for, and much more. We love it!
    - Jessica Chorosinski, Palatine Hills Estate Winery

Palatine Hills Estate Winery is a well-established, award-winning winery situated in a prime location in the Niagara fruit belt.

The Palatine Hills team first came to us on a Thursday afternoon. Their website hosting was going down the following week, and the needed help – fast.

They wanted a website that highlighted the craftsmanship inherent in their winemaking process and the quality of their wines, as well as the rich War of 1812 history of their location.

Of course, they wanted to sell wine, too, and the software they were using at the time was cumbersome at best, if not downright infuriating.

We were able to turn their website around in a week, eCommerce and all – and they're thrilled. In fact, the tell-tale sign that their website is working well for them? We haven't heard from them since. That's how easy their online wine shop is to use!

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