Oakville Hearing Centre

Comprehensive hearing health services in Oakville, Ontario.

Patient-first care for improving quality of life for those affected by varying stages of hearing loss.

  • Hearing issues can be very emotional for our patients – and so I wanted a website that reflected the patient-centred and 'safe' care that we offer at Oakville Hearing. CMSIntelligence did a great job helping me sort through what was most important to both our patients and our business to find the right balance.
    - Nicole Clark, Audiologist & Owner

It had been 10 years since audiologist Nicole Clark had last updated the website for her clinic, The Oakville Hearing Centre. In that time, online technology and user behaviour had changed dramatically.

With Canada's population aging, issues surrounding hearing loss are becoming more and more prevalent – and often times 'generic'. Nicole wanted to ensure that her website reflected the physical environment of her clinic, along with the personal touch and quality of care patients could expect.

With custom photography and content that's easy to navigate, patients looking for  hearing loss services in the Oakville, Ontario community will know they are in the right spot.

Take a browse around the new Oakville Hearing Centre website.

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