Norris Place Chiropractic

Adjusting the body to allow for the greater expression of 'life'.

Norris Place Chiropractic is a St. Catharines based Chiropractor with a full-life wellness philosophy.

  • CMSIntelligence really understands what our chiropractic practice is all about. And, we're thrilled that we update the site on our own so our patients can be really connected to our ideas about wellness and health.
    - Hafiz Cheema, Norris Place Chiropractic

Norris Place Chiropractic came to us with this vision for their practice and challenged us to help translate it into an online presence that would resonate with current and potential guests at his chiropractic practice.

With a fully customized website design, supported by custom photography, we were able to achieve the result they were looking for.

The new Norris Place Chiropractic website is not only beautiful, it also fully represents the full-life wellness philosophy that the practice promotes.

Visit to see what we're talking about.

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