Goat Yoga

You read it correctly... yoga with goats! How fun!

Fox Den Goat Yoga offers both Goat Yoga Sessions and Movies with Goats at locations in Niagara, Hamilton and Toronto (GTA).

  • Goat Yoga is very simply... yoga with goats! While you enjoy a yoga session – whether it be a gentle stretching yoga, or a more vigorous workout – our baby goats keep you company, wandering in and out of the mats... and sometimes right up on top of your downward dog!
    - Melina Morsch, Master Goat Yogi

Fox Den Goat Yoga is the forerunner of Goat Yoga in Canada. Founder and Master Goat Yogi Melina Morsch is featured regularly in the news and has made the pitch to the Dragons on Dragons' Den.

The business is a bit of a hybrid – with yoga classes that you need to purchase a ticket for (vs. simple reserve a class), movies with goats and private parties. The client needed a solution for these three different types of transactions that was not available in standard booking software.

Additionally, yoga with goats is just plain fun! And the previous website didn't support the fabulous branding that had been developed by Melontree Studios.

This was one of the most interesting projects we've worked on, for sure!

Take a look at the new Fox Den Goat Yoga website. Enjoy!

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