Eagle Crest Outdoor Centre

An experience combing nature and team building in Almaguin Highlands

Eagle Crest Outdoor Centre (ECOC) have been offering team building, experiential and educational programs to children of all ages for over 30 years.

  • We needed to make the experience for Teachers and Schools even easier while allowing businesses to see the value we offer. This new website is going to do wonders for us.
    - Corrie Huxtable, ECOC

ECOC's existing website was used as a tool to help streamline the camp trip planning experience for teachers, schools and parents.

However they also wanted to drive more businesses and organizations to the website and speak to them about their retreats and team building programs.

The new website took those underlying requirements to the next level and gave them a website that speaks to both audiences clearly and helps make the process of camping easy.

Eagle Crest now fits seamlessly within their ecosystem of websites by CMSIntelligence. Take a look here.

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