Cicada Music & Arts Festival

A festival about music, charity, and community.

Cicada Music & Arts is St. Catharines' premier indie music festival, featuring unbelievable music, art, food and drink. Musicians and artists of both local and national acclaim grace the stages at Cicada.

  • CMSIntelligence Inc. designed and built a beautiful website to reinvigorate Cicada Music & Arts Festival's online presence. We now have a website that is representative of the festival experience, and that I can easily manage in the years to come.
    - Erik Dickson, Festival Director, Cicada Music & Arts

Founded in loving memory of Thom Lepp, Cicada Music & Arts invites the community to celebrate live music, arts and culture, craft beer, fine wine, and the culinary industry so proudly recognized in the Niagara Region. The festival’s aim is to create an all-inclusive, accessible and welcoming environment, much like the one residents may have experienced in years prior.

The new Cicada Music & Arts Festival website beautifully showcases the experience attendees have come to love and expect, and - using our Tymbrel Platform - Festival Director Erik Dickson can easily manage the content for a fresh look each and every year.

What started as a backyard party hosted by Thom, has blossomed into the festival presented to you today. Much like its namesake, Cicada Fest never ceased to exist, laying dormant as it grew behind closed doors, only to emerge years later in honour of its creator.

Proceeds from Cicada Music & Arts Festival are donated to the Movember Foundation of Canada.

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