The Artist's Page

Starting new conversations with art... a new way.

The Artist’s Page takes care of online marketing, social media and sales for artists – so that they can focus on their art.

  • I showed up with my business idea on a Thursday at 5pm and one week later – exactly – The Artist's Page website was live! Unbelievable. It's our second website with CMSIntelligence... and I can't imagine there is any other website company out there who delivers the quality, service, and value they do.
    - Lesley Wilkins, The Artist's Page

Many artists struggle with the marketing end of their work. Creating art is often an emotional and highly personal process, making it all the more difficult to actually market, promote and sell those treasured pieces. 

That’s where The Artist’s Page comes in. This unique business focuses on taking care of the marketing end of things for artists, so that they, in turn, can focus on what they do best: creating art.

Lesley Wilkins, the founder of The Artist's Page, came to us looking for a website that would allow her to easily manage and integrate the various aspects of her business, from showcasing upcoming events and promoting artists, to actually selling art online.

The new site would also have to make it easy for her to connect with new and existing clients, in an online environment that was both welcoming and easily navigable, and also visually striking and beautiful enough to appeal to those artistic sensibilities.

In just under a week, we created a website for The Artist’s Page that is not only stunning to look at, but that also provides the functionality necessary for this business to run smoothly and effortlessly online.

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