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Testimonials Work

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Testimonials Work

Relevant, credible customer testimonials are still one of the most effective ways of gaining trust with potential new clients.

Driving new business through your marketing website can occur in a number of different ways.

Engaging design and focused content for your target audience are foundational principles.

Calls to action and simple custom forms are a must.

But nothing tips a potential customer to your favour quite like well placed, honest and descriptive testimonials from other satisfied customers.

Honest testimonials score high for gaining trust.

In fact, according to a recent Nielsen global study, “‘recommendations from people I know’ scored highest on trust, with 92 percent of consumers trusting this source completely or somewhat.” Read More »

In addition, the same research shows that 70% of people will trust a recommendation from someone they don’t actually know.

Wow! That makes your existing, satisfied customers a great source of validation and credibility for new customers coming to your website.

That brings us to the next thought.

What exactly would you like your customers to say?

Good question. There is no black and white answer, but there are a few do’s and dont’s.

To start with, just saying your product or service is “great” or a “wonderful experience” is nice, but doesn’t quite give the reader the kind of information they need to make a decision and take action.

Testimonials that aren’t specific and descriptive enough also don’t work well.

Testimonials that are not relevant to the specific page are not recommended because they may confuse the client.

On the other hand...

Descriptive, positive comments about specifics aspects of your product or service do the trick.

Your best customers know exactly why you rock. Detailed testimonials from them about their service experiences or the attributes of your product will inform other potential buyers in a compelling, relatable way.

Here is an example of a great service testimonial from one of our clients.

King & Bay Custom Clothing makes custom men’s suits, jackets and shirts. Sure, all of their clothing is custom fitted, and it can be hard for a new client to know if they are better than the other options out there.

But, King & Bay understands that the custom clothing business is as much about the experience as it is about the product. This testimonial, from a real client, tells visitors how they will feel when they choose King & Bay:

  • I cannot say enough about my experience with the guys at King and Bay. When I walk in, everyone greets me like I'm family and it feels that way every time I come back.
    - Danny Rhee, Corporate Sales Manager, CDW

Final notes.

Make sure you name, link or tag the customers who have described your great service or product offering. Everyone likes to see their name in lights and if your potential client knows them, it gives you an even better chance for converting to a customer.

Next time you are thinking about giving your website some some added punch and looking to convert more website visitors into paying clients, consider the strategic use of great client testimonials.

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