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Google on Landing Pages: Creating Effective Content For Your Campaigns

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Google on Landing Pages: Creating Effective Content For Your Campaigns

The Google AdWords Team offers tips and guidelines for improving the quality score and overall effectiveness of your landing pages.

Google runs the world's largest ad network, so it's no surprise they have a few tips and guidelines on creating effective landing pages.

The long and short of it?

Create content your visitors are looking for, be clear about who you are and what you offer and make it easy to access your content. This means not only creating great content, but also delivering your content fast, and optimized for mobile.

Luckily, the Tymbrel Platform makes it easy to build websites that can handle all of the above, with blazing fast servers built on Amazon Web Services, responsive mobile optimized Turn-Key designs and design tools that help you present your content to the world.

If you're looking for tips to making better landing pages for your campaigns, this is where to start.

Building effective landing pages means taking all of this to the next level, and thinking through each individual campaign and ad from a users experience perspective – from the users' first sight of the ad, to the first click, the first line of text they'll read on your landing page and finally, to their contacting you or signing up for your service.

The following Google AdWords article provides 5 guidelines that will help you improve your visitors' experience on your landing page.

Ignore these guidelines at your own peril: Read the Article Here »

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