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A Short Guide To Writing Website Content

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A Short Guide To Writing Website Content

Regularly writing fresh content for your website is one of the most important strategies for improving your search ranking with Google. Great content also keeps your clients engaged, and builds credibility for your website as a source for reliable information.

You may not be a professional writer, but by following these guidelines you can write engaging content that drives traffic to your website — without spending all day doing it.

Create a schedule — and stick to it.

Consistency matters more than frequency. Whether you’re posting blogs every other day, every other week, or once a month, develop a blog posting schedule you know you can stick to. (Tip: Use the scheduling tool in the Tymbrel Blog App to write multiple blogs at once and have them 'go live' at later dates.)

Posting new content consistently helps on a few fronts:

Google sees you as actively engaged in providing 'value' to the visitors it refers to you, which is great for building SEO. And for your clients, new content proves that you are willing to spend the time to educate them and help them keep informed.

Provide easily-identifiable 'nuggets' of information to sum up your main points.

By using headings and short chunks of content (a sentence or two), you can show your reader the main point – or the essence – of what you have to say, in a way that’s easy to pick out for people scanning the site.

These content nuggets should answer the questions you regularly hear from clients, and should offer 'proof' of your value. Above all, your content should speak to the needs of your clients. This will help build confidence in your brand.

Expand on your main points — but keep it simple.

Once you have these main points laid out in scannable headings, you can expand on them with additional content for people looking for more detailed information.

Whatever you do, avoid lengthy chunks of unbroken text. People browsing the web looking for products or services typically want to find the information they need quickly, and they’ll lose interest fast if they anticipate having to slog through paragraph upon paragraph of information.

So make your point in clear, succinct portions of text, and break up those paragraphs!

And remember, keeping your posts short will save you time as well, since you won’t need to spend hours writing!

Give the reader a way to find out more.

Keeping things simple will help you retain your readers’ interest until the end of your post. Lengthy blog posts can be daunting, and many people will simply navigate away if they have to 'work' too hard.

Consider integrating one or more strategic 'calls to action' in your blog – in the form of a button, or link that go either to more information or your contact page.

This way, the reader can contact you to find out the additional information they are looking for... and it gives you the opportunity to start a relationship with them.

Check your grammar and spelling.

Your blog post doesn’t have to be perfect, and in fact a more casual tone can often be more engaging than a cold, formal one.

But that doesn’t mean that spelling and grammar don’t matter.

Most readers will forgive the occasional typo or grammatical inconsistency, but frequent and obvious spelling and grammatical errors can look lazy and unprofessional, and this will quickly erode your clients’ confidence in your brand.

So before posting, read through your content once or twice slowly and carefully, and clean it up. At a minimum, check for typos and spelling errors, and make sure your periods, commas and capital letters are all where they belong.

Better yet, have a friend or colleague cast an eye over it – it’s always harder to edit your own writing, after all!

We make it easy.

Keeping your website content fresh doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming. The Tymbrel Platform makes adding and styling your content super easy, and you can even add multiple blogs at once, and set them to post on future dates. That means you can get the job done, and get on with your day.

Get in touch with us for more information.

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