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Google To Start Penalizing For Mobile Pop Up Ads in 2017

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Google To Start Penalizing For Mobile Pop Up Ads in 2017

Starting in 2017, Google will be doling out ranking penalties for mobile pop up ads in an effort to make the internet more accessible, browse-able and intuitive for mobile users.

Mobile devices have officially overtaken desktop for online searches. In fact, according to a 2015 report, 56% of traffic to leading websites comes from mobile devices.

Google is always working to make their search engine more user friendly and intuitive, and that means sending users to website that work well on the devices they’re using.

Why is Google focusing on mobile pop-ups?

Anyone who’s ever had a pop up screen appear when they’re trying to view a page knows they can be pretty disruptive, and in some cases, difficult or impossible to get by without entering your information. In short, they come across as pushy, and can be a real turn off.

And on a mobile device they can be even more cumbersome, especially if the site in question is not particularly mobile friendly to begin with — pop ups can make it even less so.

Now, this doesn't mean that you can never use a pop-up on your website. Google will be penalizing only those that are intrusive, and that don't provide a direct benefit to the user.

We can help you rank.

Here at CMSIntelligence, we’ve always maintained that mobile responsiveness is easily one of the most important elements to creating a great website user experience, and with the numbers leaning ever more in the direction of mobile searches, this has never been more true.

Each site we create is fully mobile responsive, and that includes any pop-ups. That means your website visitors won’t wind up annoyed, and browse away from your site — and you’ll continue to rank high with Google.

Learn more about the types of mobile pop up ads that will be penalized starting in 2017, and what you can do to make sure your site (and any pop-ups you have) are mobile friendly, here.

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