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Give Your Website Some 'Get Up And Go' with Video

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Give Your Website Some 'Get Up And Go' with Video

Using your website to market your business is what having a digital presence is all about.

But what if you build it and no one comes?

Or worse, they do come to your website, but they don’t find the content interesting enough to stick around and learn more about your product or service?

There are a number of different methods you could use to get you website visitors to stay longer and take positive action.

Compelling images, engaging written content, easy-to-follow navigation and well-worded calls to action, for example, can all help your visitors find what they are looking for, and induce them to stay a little longer.

Increasingly, however, video is capturing the attention of website visitors in a way no other medium can.

Jim Wall of Infinity Video, one of our agency partners, has been using the power of video to help his clients market their businesses and tell the stories of their products and services.

Here are some quick stats that show the impact video can have on the behaviours of visitors to your website, and the leverage video can give your marketing efforts.

  • Websites with video can have up to 53% higher rankings with Google
  • Visitors stay 4 - 5 times longer on websites that have video.
  • Consumers are 85% more likely to buy when there is a video to demonstrate the product or service

There are a number of reasons video helps keep visitors on your website longer and helps you close more sales.

Video allows you to tell real stories on your website in a clear and entertaining fashion. It fulfills a “show me” sense in the visitor that is hard to do with any other medium, especially text alone.

Video is also shareable, so if visitors like what they see when they come to your website, they can easily share what they’ve seen, giving your site the opportunity to go viral.

From video testimonials and product demonstrations, to 'how to' videos and educational training, video covers a broad range of product or service validation and support that is hard to get as quickly through any other delivery channel.

Using video to boost the marketing capabilities of your website is an excellent addition to the SEO tool box your marketing strategy needs.

Contact us and we can put you in touch with Jim at Infinity Video or contact him directly to explore if video could help increase your sales and marketing efforts.

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