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Rob Sinclair of Kaizen Marketing Group Talks Social Media Marketing

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Rob Sinclair of Kaizen Marketing Group Talks Social Media Marketing

Rob Sinclair, CEO of one of our agency partners, Kaizen Marketing Group, provides some valuable insights on one of his favourite topics: social media marketing. Learn how you can improve your traffic numbers with more customer-centric Calls to Actions.

Unfortunately for our clients and customers, most businesses think that more is better.

So, they run the same stock, product-oriented messaging on multiple platforms with the intention of connecting with their target audience, not realizing that the way they're doing it actually accomplishes the exact opposite.

They're just creating more noise.

The NEW Way

The good news? The businesses that are taking this smart new approach can cut through the noise, connect with their target clients and customers on an emotional level, give them real value, and win them over for life.

This new strategy will double your lead flow, double your sales, and automate 99% of the process, too.

So what is the new way?

It's value-first, customer-centric messaging, with customized, client-specific customer acquisition pathways.

Now, that may sound like a mouthful, but here's what it boils down to: our goal is to meet the potential customers where they are, engaging the conversation they're having in their heads and touching their emotional hot buttons, then offering something of value to them FIRST.

When they decide to take us up on the offer, we walk them through a new-customer experience that is specific to their interests, needs, and emotional drivers, engaging them in a way that makes them not only want to buy from you, but to become customers for life.

Compare these two offers, set up as display ads interrupting people on social media:

Offer 1 - The OLD Way

Set up a display ad on social media (Facebook) based on some simple demographics, in a target area and age range, that reads:

"Best Local Dentist - 30% off teeth cleaning - book today!”

The ad then links to a generic contact page that invites them to simply 'contact us'.

This method is broken and backwards for a number of reasons, and easily explains why so many businesses struggle with customer acquisition.

First, since it uses display advertising, these people haven't asked for your service. So it's your agenda, not theirs.

Second, the message in no way speaks to the emotional concerns or drivers of the potential customer, and says nothing about the benefits of the service. So not only is it product/service-centric, it's also feature-oriented rather than benefit-oriented. This is the equivalent of being that person at the neighbourhood BBQ (a good analogy for how to treat social media platforms like Facebook) who basically says, 'ME, ME, ME!'.

It essentially says, 'This is our amazing service, we want to cram it down your throat! But don't worry; we're thinking of you too, so we discounted it - you're welcome!'

Finally, the generic contact page to which potential customers are sent says nothing about the offer, gives them nothing of value, and relates in no way to who they are.

The result: You may get a few clicks on the ad, but you're fracturing trust and not building much credibility. You may get a few website visitors, but you're not likely to end up with very many new leads, and therefore no new or future customers. And, you've done nothing for your future reputation.

Offer 2 - The NEW Way

A sponsored blog post is placed in the news feeds of the target audience, based on specific demographics such as age, location, recent web behaviours, gender and education levels. It offers some value for the prospective customer, and invites them to engage with the business.

"3 Secrets to a Brighter Smile, and a more Confident You…"

The ad then links to the specific post page that delivers on the value that was promised, and allows the business to invite the prospect to raise their hand for more information.

Why this works: There is so much more here than meets the eye. This value-first approach is related to the service offering of the business, but says nothing of the service they're pushing.

Instead, it connects with the conversation that is going on inside the mind of the ideal customer on an emotional level (confidence, appearance, self-esteem), and offers the customer something that meets these needs.

This subtle approach positions the business as the expert in the field, happily giving away secrets to a brighter smile, rather than just 'advertising' at people. So they feel they're acting on their own agenda, rather than responding those of the business.

Finally, because the business gave value first, they're invoking a natural instinct towards reciprocity - the prospective customer is happy to give their name and contact information for the 'Download the Free Report - 5 teeth whitening secrets and 10% off your first visit' offer on the landing page (AFTER the article!).

The result: the business gets more engagement (click-throughs on the ad), and builds trust and credibility with the target audience, who now see the business as the expert in this field (even if they don't click the ad!).

It also results in more engaged website visitors who want to read about what the business offers, meaning more leads to whom they can market for future events, sales, or repeat visits. The relationship was built based on giving first, and so business will explode.

In our noisy world, if you want to truly connect with your target clients and customers, your marketing might need to be tweaked.

The good news: As a CMSIntelligence client, your website is set up to allow you to build out these kinds of custom-campaigns, offering great content, and specialized offers and capture forms, all on one amazing platform.

Want some help? That's what Kaizen marketing Group does.

If you'd like some support with your business marketing and sales strategy, including a free report on how your specific business can double your lead flow, get more new customers, grow your bottom line, and automate 99% of the process, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Your success is our business.

Rob Sinclair, CEO
Kaizen Marketing Group

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