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The Numbers are Great! The Question is Why?

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The Numbers are Great! The Question is Why?

Earlier this week we wrote a blog about one of our Agency Partners which highlighted the enormous gains in website traffic their clients saw when they moved to our CMSIntelligence platform.

After reading the blog, people started asking us, "How does that happen?"

So, we thought we'd answer that question here. There are some key drivers that help get the type of results YDV Group is getting for their clients... results you can get for your website, as well!

First off is quality SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing all aspects of your website to meet the rules or requirements of Search Engines like Google or Yahoo.

It can be a complex and costly process if done the traditional way. However, our CMSIntelligence platform makes it much easier.

Every website we build comes with basic SEO tools built right in. These tools help agencies, and the small and medium sized businesses they work for, to get great SEO results without spending an arm and a leg.

Another key ingredient to driving traffic to a website is Responsive Design.

For a website to look great and be easy-to-use on any device, including smart phones, it has to be created using the principles of Responsive Design.

Search Engines – with Google leading the charge – are basically saying that you have to design your website to work the way their customers (ie. your visitors) want to use the site. So, if your site is not Responsive they will actually demerit you as far as SEO goes.

All CMSIntelligence designs are Reponsive.

New content is still 'king' and another 'must have' to get found easily.

When the Search Engines see new content on your site, they think: 'This company is active, it's engaged, and it's adding value to it's customers.'

So, to get more people finding your website, it's important to post new content regularly. Plus, great content will keep existing customers coming back for more.

Our CMSIntelligence platform is designed to make it super easy to udpate your website, so both Google and your customers think it's worthwhile to visit.

Speed also helps.

If a page takes more than a second to load, your visitor is likely gone. Your potential clients are busy and have important things to do. Waiting for a website to load isn't one of them.

Because of the way we design websites, ours load at lightening speed – faster than 96% of websites in the world – making them a joy to visit.

Quality hosting is another reason why websites on the CMSIntelligence platform do so well.

Hosting your website on an enterprise level server – as opposed to a local server in someones basement – also makes a difference.

If your website is hosted on a slow-loading server (like the $5/month ones many people use) it has a negative impact on your SEO. Even if you've optimized everything else on your website, Google will still knock off a few points for a low quality server.

Your code must be clean.

Having clean code is like having a really great 'elevator speech' to sell your product. The Search Engines give the most points for code that is clean and to the point.

Your website can look great, but if what's under the 'skin' is messy, you'll be demerited as far as SEO goes.

Social Media integration also helps you get found easier.

Integration with social media accounts and making your content 'easy-to-share' is also important. It's a simple as putting social share buttons on every page of content on your site... which you can do in a split second with the CMSIntelligence platform.

If you want to find out how you can get great SEO results... give us a call!


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