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More Vis, More Biz – Found Easier, Stayed Longer!

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More Vis, More Biz – Found Easier, Stayed Longer!

There is nothing quite like keeping track of stuff. Especially when you get great results like a 12,000% increase in Page Views!

Measuring things gives you all sorts of information about what you're doing right and what you aren't.

When Debi Katsmar, President of YDV Group – Marketing Solutions for Business Growth – decided to change the way she delivered websites for her clients, she had been keeping track of all kinds of things those websites had been doing.

Things like the number of Users and Page Views – as well as time spent on her clients sites, just to name a few.

When what you're measuring increases dramatically, it's exciting!

Some of these clients had been with Debi for quite sometime, so when the new stats came in after converting those clients to the CMSIntelligence platform, she got a little excited.

"The numbers were just off the charts," Debi explained.

To start with, the sites had better SEO and were more user friendly or as Debi says, "My clients were found more easily and visitors stuck around longer."

Really? Show us the numbers.

The Ottawa International Motorcycle Show had an increase of 320% site visits which is great, but the mobile searches exploded – 1,700% on Andriod, 750% on iOS and 420% via Blackberry.


Bill McGee Auto Sales has seen Page Views go up 1,500% and users rise 525% since YDV changed over to CMSIntelligence.

Curb Appeal Niagara, a landscaping company saw page views rise 1,000% during their key Spring selling season. And...October numbers are still up a respectable 300%.

On top of these great numbers, Debi is also seeing a significant increase in the traffic to her own business, Since launching with CMSIntelligence her marketing agency has had a 12,000% increase in Page Views and a 4,500% increase in Users as potential clients "click through" from her customers websites.

You, too, can get the same type of results.

SEO Tools, more user friendly navigation, easier to update...the CMSIntelligence website tool kit is driving more business to the companies who use it to present their businesses online.


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