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​Why Do I Have This Website?

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​Why Do I Have This Website?

Some things in life are just obvious...

Some obvious things don’t need very many data points to understand. Things such as, “The fire looks very hot, I shouldn’t put my hand in it". 

Test, leave marshmallow in for 2 minutes... "Yup, don’t put hand in there".

Other things in life become obvious over time. 

Things like, “partying through my first semester was fun, but I failed 3 out of my 5 courses”. Delayed obvious.

Sometimes, when something is new, Captain Obvious isn’t close at hand to let you know the way things are. 

Luckily, when it comes to your website we know a few obvious things and we want to share.

Obvious Website Rule #1:
Your website exists to build your customer base.

When you understand this as 'Obvious Website 101' it leads to all kinds of productive behaviours. Your website will become much more than a series of pretty pictures. It will become a business tool for marketing your products and services.

It should aid and abet your sales staff, be harmonized with your social media and print ad campaigns and reflect your present business offerings.

It should also speak directly to your target audience and use language that is familiar to their personality profile.

Obvious Website Rule #2:
Your website needs to be Responsive.

If rule #1 is true, why restrict your customers to viewing your website on a desktop computer? Make sure that your potential customers can find you, and that your website looks great, on any device they are using to search your site. Whether that is a laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Obvious Rule #3:
Fresh Content on Your Website is more interesting than week old baguette. 

If the messages on your website never change, people will stop coming back. If you don’t believe this try reading Monday’s newspaper everyday for a week. I’ll bet you don’t get past Wednesday. Don’t make your website visitors do the equivalent.

NOTE - adding new content to your website to keep it fresh can be daunting unless you use a super easy, fun to use content management system like CMSIntelligence provides.

Final Obvious Website Rule #4:
If you don’t measure stuff, you can’t be sure it’s working.

You need to pay attention to your website traffic and using Google Analytics or Hubspot Analytics is how you do it. Analytics help you understand what is relevant and interesting to your target audience. Measuring traffic let’s you know if your website is being the business tool you want it to be and to make some adjustments if it isn’t.

Now you have Captain Obvious in the room when you’re planning your new website project. Have him bring the marshmallows.

- Frank


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