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A Better Recipe for the Perfect Blog Post

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A Better Recipe for the Perfect Blog Post

Writing a blog post is a lot like baking. If you don’t have the right ingredients it’s tough to make something anyone will want. 

While I’m not the Cake Boss of blog posts, I am always looking for a better recipe to make my posts more enjoyable and effective.

Today I am going to teach you to bake something that your audience will not only love, but will have them coming back for seconds.

The Ingredients: 

Here is everything you need to bake the perfect blog post.

  1. Blog Post Name/Title
    This needs to grab the attention of your audience. It’s the first thing they will use to determine if it’s worth reading your post. Think of the last time you looked at a menu - what draws you in?
  2. Introduction
    They like the name of your blog post, now tell them how great the ‘read’ is going to be. Don’t take too long to get to the point. This is the second most important part of your post.
  3. Imagery
    I like to visualize what I’m baking. Blog posts are the same! This not only helps to tell the story but it also makes the post more visually interesting.
  4. Personal Experience
    People relate to stories and ‘real-life’ experiences. Add a little of yourself into the posts. They will be more interesting and memorable.
  5. Main Body
    This is the heart of your blog post… the good stuff. If you have a lot to say, think about how your audience absorbs content. Keep your paragraphs short, use sub-headings, and lists. If your post is going to be more than 500 words long, consider breaking it up into a more than one post (Tip: This is a good way to get visitors to come back!). You want your post to be scannable - if it looks too long and wordy you’re going to lose people.

How To Serve:

Once you’ve used the better blog recipe to write the perfect post, it’s time to serve it to your audience.

Here are the ways that I share posts:

  • Post to Social Media
    Share your posts of Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. 
  • Post to Groups or Online Forums
    If you’re part of a relevant Facebook/Linkedin Group or active on a forum, share your post with other members. 
  • E-Newsletter
    If you have an email list, consider doing a monthly round up of your posts. 
  • Word of Mouth
    Your blog posts should be useful for your target audience - if you have an opportunity, tell them about it in person.

Get Feedback:

Now that you’ve baked the perfect post and served it to your audience, it’s time to take this recipe and make it your own. Reach out to your readers and see what they liked or disliked. If you get some constructive feedback tweak the recipe and serve again. Once you’ve found the perfect blend for your audience you know all the ingredients are doing their job.

- Larry


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