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Peace in our lifetimes... or marriage counseling for your website

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Peace in our lifetimes... or marriage counseling for your website

In my travels, I have spoken to dozens of small and medium sized business owners about their websites. 

I have also spoken to dozens of web pros and agency heads who are designing the websites for their clients.

They all have a couple things in common.

Firstly, business owners and agencies/designers both gush about the design aspect of their websites. They speak eloquently using terms such as 'beautiful'... 'stunning'... 'visually compelling'.


However, when I get to the next part of the conversation – maintenance of the website after launch –  what they have in common is not so happy.

When they talk about updates and maintenance, none of them are as upbeat as they are when they talk about design.

The designers often mumble something like, “Well, it is a source of income,” while looking at their shoes.

What I never hear is this: “Maintenance is what gets me out of bed in the morning,” or “Updating lights the fire in my belly every day!”

More often than not they say, “Maintenance actually keeps me from doing more of what I love... designing new websites."

On the other side of the coin, small business owners too frequently tell us, “Maintenance is where the relationship with my website provider breaks down."

We hear things like, “I can’t reach him”... or “She won’t return my calls”... or “It took forever to make the updates I wanted."

In fact, we find that small and medium sized business owners start to get downright ornery when we bring up the topic of maintaining their website.

For the business owner, it's hard to maintain a dynamic website when their website designer would rather design and no one in the business understands the code required to make the updates themselves.

For the web designer, it's hard to maintain a dynamic website design business when your clients are always cranky and you would rather be doing fresh design work.

CMSIntelligence is like a marriage counselor for this broken relationship. 

Our easy-to-use content management system helps website designers and business owners live a happy and harmonious life together, where both sides get their needs met.

Website designers get to do more of what they love more often and their clients get to make updates to their websites way easier. They both get to be happy more often.

We, at CMSIntelligence, believe that our website management software will help lead to World Peace... or at least much better relationships between website designers and their clients!

- Frank

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