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A compelling 'call to action' is the first step to a serious relationship.

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A compelling 'call to action' is the first step to a serious relationship.

So, you’ve attracted a prospective customer to your website. And, they like what they see – it’s attractive and engaging. But the real question is…

How do get your visitors to move past just ‘lurking’ and turn the relationship into something a little more meaningful – a coffee perhaps or even a full blown dinner date?

Like most of us, you want to be loved for more than just your superficial good looks. You want to be loved for who you really are, deep down inside.

Great website design – your online ‘good looks’ –  will capture a potential customers attention, for sure. But to get to a deeper relationship – one that might even end up in a sale – you need a great ‘call to action’. Something that moves them beyond the surface beauty of your website.

Be compelling and to the point.

A great ‘call to action’ is a well-written statement that compels the visitor to want more. It’s the path to a deeper engagement with your customer.

A well-written ‘call to action’ will make your customer feel confident and comfortable enough to pick up the phone, email you or buy something online. To say 'yes' to the next stage in your relationship.

Satisfy their curiosity and ease their ‘pain’.

In the mid 1990's, George Lowenstein, a psychologist at Carnegie Mellon University, proposed a theory he termed the "information gap" theory.(1)

Lowenstein believed that curiosity proceeded in two basic steps:

1) A situation reveals a painful gap in our knowledge; and 

2) We feel an urge to fill this gap and ease our pain.

You can pique your visitors curiosity with a compelling call to action – front and centre on your home page. When done well, chances of a visitor ‘clicking’ with you and wanting to find out more will be heightened.

Umberto Eco once said, "all we can do is (get them to) look more closely".

When we get our customers to look more closely – to satisfy their curiosity – we create an opportunity to reveal to them a ‘gap in their knowledge’. Then we can offer a solution that will make them feel great.

It’s a learning opportunity for your customers. 

When they click inside to the core content in your website, you then have the opportunity to fill the visitors information gap with the important details about your product or service and how it will make their life better.

A well-written 'call to action' is the first step... and can quickly lead to a deeper engagement with your customer and start of a long term relationship.

(1) Reference Fast Company April 23, 2014


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