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Most of the owl icons we come across in the course of our days are related to our social media friends at Hootsuite, but this past Friday we met some real owls in the flesh.

We stopped at The Owl Foundation to check out what goes on there. The answer, alot!!

The Owl Foundation was founded by Dr. Katherine McKeever and is a registered Canadian charitable organization focused on helping wild Canadian owls that are injured or orphaned. The Foundation operates an owl rehabilitation centre located in the Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada.

There are over 100 owls in residence at the Foundation presently. And they have come from all over the country.

The owls are all in some type of distress: Broken wings, malnourished, chicks who's parents have died.

They all have a home at The Owl Foundation until they can be rehabbed and set free in the wild. If they can't be rehabbed to be able to make it on their own, they can stay with the caretakers at The Owl Foundation.

The care at the Foundation is very sophisticated... just to start there are 35 monitors with live video feeds tracking the owls 24 hours a day.

Right now there are approximately 17 juvenile Snowy Owls there who are distressed and need food and shelter while they get strong enough to fend for themselves.

We had the very rare opportunity to see a Boreal Owl and a Pygmy Owl, Canada's smallest owl, but the star of the show was Big Bird, a Great Grey Owl.

As we came around the corner of the Owl Foundation offices, there she was, sitting on the arm of a couch.

The Great Grey is a massive bird, standing more than 2 feet, tall, with a coat of thick, warm feathers for handling its natural northern habitat.

Unfortunately, Big Bird is deaf and blind and will not be able to return to the wild. That just might be OK with her, as she will be surrounded by her good friends at The Owl Foundation in her retirement. Not a bad place to spend the rest of her days.

All of this 'owl care' costs a fair bit of money and The Owl Foundation is a registered charity. New donors are welcome and so are volunteers in various capacities.

Give a hoot, check it out.


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