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Just Who is This Website For, Anyway!

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Making the decision to build a new website for your business, or to redesign an existing site, is a big one.

When you decide to go forward, and you are in discussions with your design team, there is one very important question you need to ask: "Who are we designing this for, anyway?"

Guess what? The answer isn't 'you! You are building it for your customers, silly.

We know this isn't easy.

You've decided to invest some of your company's hard earned capital in a new web presence and there might be a bit of a tendency towards erecting a cyber-monument to the business (or to yourself!).

Unless you are an individual who doesn't feel Facebook is enough face time, and you want a website dedicated to you alone, this is not our recommended course of action.

We believe that the most effective website design and content for attracting and maintaining new business will speak directly to the current – and potential – customers who visit your website.

There are some simple questions that you and your website design team can ask yourselves along the way. Things like:

"Who is this web page for?"

"What problem does this page solve for my customer?"

"What action do we want customers to take on this page?"

These are the kinds of questions that should drive your design decisions and will help engage the user.

You want people who visit your website to become more deeply engaged in the content they find there. That increases their chances of becoming more deeply engaged with your business and that will lead to more sales.

After all, isn't that really what the new website is all about? Your customer?


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