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Small business grabs only 10% of the $122 Billion spent online in 2012

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Statistics Canada says that $122 Billion of goods and services were sold on-line in 2012, a 100% increase over the past 5 years.

While small businesses make up more than 98% of all companies in Canada, they account for only 10% of the Canadian enterprises that sell on-line.

WHAT!? How are you going to compete with the big boys if you don't give your customers the option of buying for your product or service through your website?

The answer is simple: follow these three steps.

1. Get yourself a killer website.

The big guys can't beat you here. You can look just as sophisticated and way more hip than companies doing 100 times your revenue.

A great website design that speaks to your intended target customer, plus some really cool navigation that makes it easy to get around, and you're in business.

2. Trick up that nifty website with some e-commerce functionality.

When you get that really great website design, drop in a 'Buy Now' button on your product or services page (or even donations page if you're a non-profit) and link it to your e-Store. Capture the names from the check out form so you can market to your loyal customers and you're off!

3. Do a little networking.

This is business 101. Now that you are ready to do business with your customers in the internet age, it's time to drive more people to your website.

Use this new fangled way called Social Media and get some buzz going. Or use the old fashioned method of getting out to some social functions and handing out your card face-to-face.

e-Commerce isn't so tough. Get yourself a good web design team with the know how and get yourself a slice of that $122 Billion...with a 'B'.... dollars.


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