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Life is a Journey, not a Destination

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'Life is  a journey, not a destination', so said Ralph Waldo Emerson. In our business, we're always working hard to make sure the journey for your customers is smooth and easy.

Here's my analogy:

Throughout my life, I've taken lots of great trips.

For some, I have used my GPS to get there as fast as I can. For others, I get out an old-fashioned paper (yes paper!) map, unfold it and follow it in the general direction of my destination.

I love the trip, either way. And sometimes detours can be fun.

But, when I arrive at my destination, there are certain things that will have placed it in the  'best trip ever' or the 'epic fail' category. (Both make great dinner party stories!)

Surfing the web is also a Journey

When we surf the web, maybe we are using the equivalent of a GPS, because we are zeroing in on a specific product or service and want to get there fast.

Or maybe we are simply wandering... looking up crossword puzzle answers on a Sunday morning, randomly finding new info or delving more deeply into items that interest us.

At the end of the line, however, whatever we are looking for, most of us want the  equivalent of sinking into an easy chair after the trip... with someone handing us the final 'prize'... the cold beer or big glass or merlot.

That's when we finally let out the the big 'ahhh', and tell ourselves, 'that was great!'

Getting that 'aaahhh' in 2 Clicks or Less

At CMSIntelligence, we understand this.

Your customers surf the web in whatever 'travel style' suits them (GPS or paper map or a mix). But, when they arrive at the destination website – yours – they want that 'aaahh'.

And, with us, they'll get it. They'll relax. They'll be happy. Because we make it easy for them to find whatever they want on your website.... in 2 clicks or less.

Navigating CMSIntelligence powered websites is really, really easy. On purpose.

There are no crazy GPS directions that take your customers in circles. They won't get confused by too many roads on the map pointing to their destination.

We know that once they arrive, there is a small window of opportunity for them to find what they want... and then stay for a while. And that opportunity is 2 clicks away.

That means good dinner party stories about your business

Because customers get what they want, quickly and easily on our websites, chances are the dinner party stories are in the the genre of 'best trip ever' and will include the name of your business.

And that's good for business!

- FC

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