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1Password? We've tested it, we use it and we love it!

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In the website design industry, security is always a major concern... but it's not the only place we need security.

These days, so much of what we do online requires a password.

Coming up with a perfect password, that you can remember, while keeping it safe from prying eyes is a lot like trying to work through an unsolvable puzzle... 

Like many people, we used to write these passwords down on little pieces of paper that were hidden in our desk or notepad, that we carried with us everywhere.
But, let's face it, that's pretty scary. "What if I lose it?" It can be a real pain to try and retrieve a lost password.

Enter 1Password

A number of years ago a good friend suggested to me that I should try "one password". I thought he must be nuts to think I would only have one password! If somebody could guess that password, then I'd really be in trouble.
However, he got me to listen and with great confidence he sat me down and showed me a software called 1Password from AgileBits Inc. automatically creates incredibly strong, unique passwords, and the software can be used directly from your desktop, smart phone or tablet to access online accounts, and much more.
You can keep credit card information, Wi-Fi passwords, online accounts safe – all with unique, strong passwords that no one could guess. Example: JAsaJ8Jfrp0yvr
So now you're asking, "But how do I remember a password like that?"
Well, you're going to love this... you only have to remember one single password to access your 1Password account. It 'remembers' all of the other passwords for you.
The best part is that you can automatically synchronize your passwords on all your devices – smart phone, tablet and computer. So, you never have to be without your login information. They are right there, at your fingertips, when and where you need them. about my operating system, you ask?

Yeah, I had the same question because my friend had a PC and I'm a diehard Mac user.
"That problem is covered too!" he said and explained that they have versions for Mac and Microsoft.
But it gets better since they have versions for your mobile devices as well. Android users and iOS users can have this software conveniently tucked away in their pocket for when they need it. 
Today everyone in CMSIntelligence Inc. has this software installed on all their devices. And this is what they say:
"I love it... it may be the most valuable $50 I've ever spent!" - Lisa Matheson (Vice President of Operations)
"Before I started using 1Password I was constantly finding myself using the same login for every site (which is an awful idea) - 1Password automatically creates unique, secure passwords for each of my accounts that I don't have to remember. I have '1Password' and the software takes care of the rest." - Larry Chartier (Creative Director)

Follow 1Password for more great tips

We suggest following 1Password on Twitter at and Facebook at
They post real-time software updates and user tips. I've personally found this very useful, as a time to time I have questions and they respond pretty quickly, usually the same day.
So there you have it ... you remember one password and 1Password does the rest.
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