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Coordinate Your 'Buzz'

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No, I’m not talking about the only guy with facial hair in your grade 10 class, the only guy able to buy the beer before the Friday night dance... I’m talking about coordinating the 'buzz' (ie. the positive vibes) about your business that will help drive sales.

Creating a buzz around your business should not be a random act.

Now, I am assuming here that you are good at what you do in your business, because the buzz can cut both ways.

If you truly are great, the buzz will drive more greatness. But, if you’re a slug, the buzz can kick you in the butt!

Getting a few people to talk about your business is one thing, getting 100’s or 1000’s can lead to some serious action and that serious action can lead to serious sales... or serious back-fire.

Make your buzz easy to  manage.

The most leverageable way to create a buzz about your business is through the use of social media.

Social media is powerful. It can create a tsunami of buzz for your business very quickly. However, even if your buzz is just a small wave so far, a coordinated effort is way better than random tweets to the blogosphere.

Get yourself the best manager on the market.

If you want to create some buzz around your business, and you believe that social media is the way to go about creating that buzz, then you should know who your target market is, understand when the best time for them to receive your buzz would be, and whether the message is having the desired affect on them.

You need a manager who knows how to do this all.


Enter Hootsuite.

Hootsuite is your bearded grade 10 guy, the guy who's in the know.

Hootsuite will help coordinate your buzz so that the social media strategy you put in place will hit your target audience when they are most predisposed to pay attention to your message.

And it will help you measure the success of your strategy.

All I'm saying is that this isn’t the highschool dance anymore. You can have the only guy able to buy the beer before the Friday night dance on your team.

The resulting buzz about your business will lead to better sales... and that is worth partying for.

- FC
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