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Little known fact

At the very moment that this blog post was published – less than 2% of the web developers in the Niagara Region were designing websites to be responsive. Meanwhile, at the very same moment, more than 35% of all internet browsing is being done on a mobile device of one kind or another. In my opinion that's really not the worst part.

It only stands to reason that some industries could potentially be receiving as much as 65% of their traffic through a mobile device

Here’s an example, how about the truck driver training industry? You think those guys get on a computer?

So, the real question becomes: "What kind of experience is the visitor having when visiting a website that has not been designed and optimized for their experience."

How many truck drivers you think actually have a computer in their truck? LOL :-) Hopefully they’re not searching the Internet while they’re driving, but I can assure you when they come to the truck-stop to take a little break, those guys are all using mobile devices to respond to email and/or search the internet.

That’s just one demographic but think about how many mobile devices are out there today. That number is astronomical by comparison to even a couple of years ago when Steve Jobs said, in his last keynote presentation, that 33% of all internet browsing is being done using a mobile device.


Someone just rolled into town for whatever reason.

“Let’s find a hotel and a place to eat immediately!”

“OK. Hold on a minute and I’ll just pull up my great big bulky laptop and hope to high heaven that there is a wi-fi connection that is foolishly unlocked somewhere around here.”

SERIOUSLY? I don’t think so... But what did we just look at? Just another demographic without really making any effort to find somebody who might be looking at your website with a mobile device. They haven’t even began looking for something interesting to do or see in this town yet. There are hundreds and hundreds of demographics that are going to be looking at your website over the next year and inside each of those demographics are hundreds and hundreds and potentially thousands and thousands of people with mobile devices. Do you really think that building your website for people on computers is really enough?

To take it one step further, I predict that in the next five years we will no longer be seeing traditional mobile phones. Why? Because everyone wants to be on the Internet and the mobile smartphone kills two birds with one stone.

Here's the BIG PICTURE like it or not...

"Everything you will do on your website will either add or take away from the experience of your visitor."

I put that in quote marks because I tell that to every single customer I speak to. I tell them that because it is a reality that everyone of us must learn to accept and respond to if we are to have the maximum level of success with our websites.

Think about it for a second – what is the experience that they’re having? Do they have to pinch or tap to zoom in and read? Do they have to pinch it backwards so that they can navigate through the website? Come on! Have you ever really tried that... It’s annoying as heck! I absolutely hate that. But let’s continue to look at the bigger picture for a moment. Let’s say that your competitor has a website that is responsive and you have a website that is not. Who is creating a better experience for that customer? You think the customer will consider that a reflection of the customer service that they might receive? Absolutely!

Take a minute and test it out yourself

Here, try this out for a moment. Go to: and then type the address to your website in the available field above. Each one of those pictures provides a sample of what your website looks like on  different mobile device.

You can tell pretty quickly if your webAIte was designed to be responsive or not. Gets a little scary doesn’t it?

Now let’s look at the positive side of everything you just considered. If your website was designed to be responsive, now you have an extra – what? 35 to 45% of more potential business, experiencing your website the way they should be. Which by the way, is also a reflection on the customer service that you will provide for them. If the experience is satisfying, then you have done your part in serving your customer excellently.

And all that was before they even met you. They like you, before they even meet you... What a concept LOL :-)

All this to say get on the bandwagon business owners! It’s time to move up. Don’t “just do it” like Nike says. I say “do it better”. After all, it doesn’t take a genius to recognize intelligence.

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