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Someone just might ask, “Why is Don Cormier recommending this book to me?” Well the answer is very simple: at CMSIntelligence we don't just build websites, we do everything in our power to help our customers be successful in their business and on the internet.

Hey, I wouldn't recommend this book if I didn't think it was worth reading. Nevertheless, just so you know, I have read it 4 times so far this year and I plan on reading it again.

Here's what you should consider: The internet is still very much in it's infancy, which I'm sure you would agree. But more than that, the Internet has changed the face of business. You no longer have to have a 10 floor building and 1000 employees to be called successful. In fact the author of this book runs a company called 37Signals. They have about 12 employees spread out over two continents and seven cities. If that doesn't motivate you, wait till you see their product. They are the developers of a web application that is used by millions. It's called "basecamp", a project management system. Heck, we even use it. It's the best project management software we've seen yet.

There is no "if's", "and's" or "but's" about it – if you're going to be successful on the internet, you're going to have to smash traditional business ideas and replace them with radical thinking.

Consider Facebook for a moment. Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook with zero dollars with an operating budget and a 'half-ass' laptop. No investors, no business advisors, no office – just the dorm room. Yet, even Google can't offer Mark enough money to buy Facebook from him.

There's no doubt about it, being in business today is easier than ever before in history. If you have an idea or an already existing business, then you're halfway there. All you need to ask yourself now is what is stopping you?

I started my first dot com business in 1999 and by the end of the first decade I started another. That doesn't mean everything was as smooth as it could have been. We were all going to make mistakes. But this book? It would have saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars and years. In short I really believe that this book should be mandatory reading for anyone considering going into business today.

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Don Cormier - President of CMSIntelligence Inc.

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